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Protect search engines from tracking you when you search the web.

Protect search engines from tracking you when you search the web. Keep your online data safe and secure with SearchLock.

SearchLock is an innovative free browser extension that was designed expressly to protect your personal data on the Web. Every time you use a search engine like Bing, Yahoo, or Google, those companies collect and store every search term users type in. BeeStripe, LLC's browser extension prevents tracking of search terms by the big search engine companies, even if you are logged in to your user profiles, social media accounts, or email providers like Gmail, Microsoft accounts, or Yahoo Mail. Many workplaces also keep tabs on the searches employees are doing during the workday, and this cutting-edge extension blocks attempts to track and collect the search terms you use. Even your Internet Service Provider (ISP) tracks your searches. The extension is free and is available for the popular Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers.

It protects its users with advanced patent-pending technology that detects when your search query is being tracked by any company or organization. It then re-routes the search query, delivering user search results on an encrypted privacy-friendly results page. Unauthorized people cannot intercept, decrypt, or view your search habits and the terms you use once the extension is installed. The extension is simple to use and offers pushbutton convenience without the need for manually adjusting browser settings. Nothing could be simpler to prevent unwanted snooping and interception of your valuable personal data.

The extension uses proprietary methods to encrypt your searches, employing SSL technology and the advanced Perfect Forward Secrecy scheme to prevent unauthorized tracking of your searches. These encryption strategies make it virtually impossible to decipher your search engine uses, protecting your privacy and keeping prying eyes away from your search habits. The company does not collect, request, or share any personal information during the use of the extension, and it also prevents keystroke logging from organizations that might collect your information via the Web. The extension receives excellent ratings from the thousands of users who have installed it, and it has also received a coveted TRUSTed Download rating from TRUSTe, the world’s premier data privacy firm.

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    Great tool, I love the privacy features, and it's very simple. . Great tool, I love the privacy features, and it's very simple. Pros: UMore